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Thank you! for visiting Po'Boys Low Country Seafood Market online. We are a new, modernized, "you buy, we fry market!" Our menu is packed with Po Boy Sandwiches, delicious sides, fresh salads, Low country shrimp boil, pork skins and more.


At Po' Boys Low Country Seafood Market, we are sure to exceed your expectations! Our seafood is always fresh, our sides are as well, "cooked to perfection." Feel free to take-out or eat-in. Our staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and ready to take your order.


Served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, and egg with your choice of blue cheese, ranch, 1000 island, Italian French, honey mustard, balsamic vinaigrette and fat free ranch.


House Salad - SM. 2.95 LG. 4.95


Fried/Grilled Chicken Salad - 6.95


Fried or Boiled Shrimp Salad - 7.95


Greek Salad 5.95

Add Shrimp - 8.95 add chicken - 7.95


Soft shell Crab - 2.95 a piece

Side of alligator - 6.95





One Low Country Boil 10 shrimp

Includes potatoes, corn on the cob & andouille sausage. - 8.95


Two Low Country Boil 20 shrimp

Includes potatoes, corn on the cob & andouille sausage. - 17.49



8.oz Small - 1.95 / 16.oz Large - 3.95


Checkout the menu

Checkout the menu for our signature Po' Boy's Sides, Salads and other seafood items we know that you'd love!

Po Boy


Served on a 9' hoagie roll with lettuce and tomato. Choice of Mayo, Tarter Sauce or Po Boy Sauce.


Fried Tilapia Fillet Po Boy - 6.95


Fried Catfish Fillet Po Boy - 6.95


Fried Whiting Fillet Po Boy - 6.95


Fried Swai Fillet Po Boy - 5.95


Fried/Grilled Chicken Po Boy - 5.95


Fried Whole Croakier Po Boy - 6.95


Fried Flounder Fillet Po Boy- 6.95


Fried Perch Fillet Po Boy - 6.95


Fried Shrimp Po Boy - 6.95


Andouille Sausage Po Boy - 6.95


Soft Shell Crab Po Boy - 8.95


Oyster Po Boy 9.95


Alligator Po boy 9.95



Small 8.oz 1.95 / LG 16.oz 3.95


Mac and Cheese


Green Beans


Dirty Rice


Sweet Potato Yams


Red Beans






French Fries



Fried Pork Skin Cracklins


Fried Pork Skin Cracklins

Small - 2.95 Large - 4.95

Seasoning Options:

  • Ranch
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Plain
  • Cajun
  • BBQ

Breading Option

  • Regular
  • Cajun
  • Salt & Pepper




Coke Diet, Coke, Sprite - 1.50

Iced Tea - 1.50

Po'Boys Low Country Seafood © 2018. All Rights Reserved.


Po'Boys Low Country Seafood © 2018.

All Rights Reserved.